An image of earth from space

Safe, sustainable access to space

Listen to Viasat Exec Chairman Mark Dankberg's fireside chat with Viasat Board Member and former NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine

“The issues of space safety, sustainability, and equity are not new – they are just new to the current state of space technology” – Mark Dankberg, Executive Chairman

Viasat is a leader in bringing the benefits of space technology to the world in equitable and mutually beneficial ways. However, we are one voice in many calling for action by policy-makers around the world ensure that these finite resources allow for continued use for science, exploration and communications services.  

An image of waveforms representing spectrum

Shared access to scarce orbital and spectrum resources

Access to space cannot be taken for granted, and threats and risks have come sharply into focus over the past year. There is no law enforcement for space, no peace-keeping authority, and no way to adjudicate disputes.  Nor is there any global precedent on LEO mega-constellations.  Each country must act at the national level to ensure that the global commons remain accessible for current and future uses.

space debris above earth

Debris risk mitigation

The rapid increase of objects in low earth orbit require policies that prevent the further creation of debris.  Evaluating the size, scope and ability of a constellation to maneuver around debris will ensure a safe, sustainable environment for all who want to access space.  

milky way above trees

Environmental risks

There has been an increasing call for environmental assessments of the constellations that are being deployed today.  Recent studies outline the effects on global warming, radio and optical astronomy and the night’s sky.