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Space is hard enough. The ground solution doesn’t have to be.

The Viasat Real-Time Earth (RTE) service offers an all-inclusive price for a fully-managed ground network

With Viasat, satellite operators can command, downlink, and rapidly disseminate valuable GEO, LEO, and MEO data in a timely and secure manner with real-time streaming to your end point of choice. What’s more, we are the only ground station service provider that designs, builds, integrates, and operates its own antenna systems.  With 70 years of experience with full-motion antennas, our customers can rest easy and focus on their spacecraft.


    Customers on Viasat’s RTE service enjoy access to every ground station antenna site, payload downlinks from 15 Mbps to 6400 Mbps for X- and Ka-bands, real-time streaming and monitoring, mission-proven narrow and wideband modems for edge computing and signal processing, store/forward, and backhaul to your destination of choice — all for one low rate.


    Our service is built with network security in mind. Designed by the same engineering team responsible for providing secure global networks to government, the RTE private network architecture uses secure VPN tunnels and meets the highest commercial security standards.


    Our fully-automated system uses machine-to-machine scheduling over a highly resilient cloud-computing platform. Instantaneous confirmation of your pass without human intervention lowers your cost and risk of human error. Data is delivered to your choice of cloud provider or data center location.


    Rely on the only satellite ground station service completely backed by Viasat’s world-class antennas and networking technology. We design, build, integrate and operate our antenna systems, and have installed hundreds of remote sensing antennas worldwide for commercial and government customers.


    With thoughtful geographic site diversity in low-risk environments, back-up power as required, and spares on site, Viasat’s ground station satellite communications network is built for resilience. Our belt of mid-latitude sites provides convenient downlink locations to reduce latency for time critical satellite missions.

Graphic of the Earth with ground station and lock images placed across the globe to demonstrate Viasat's secure coverage

Extensive coverage areas and antenna installations

Viasat offers a true network of antennas strategically located in areas that are secure, reliable, and reduce the latency between data capture and data delivery.

Product image of the grond station locasted in Accra, Ghana
Accra, Ghana

A 7.3m full motion L/S/X/Ka-band antenna located at 5.6o N, 0.3o W

Product image of two ground stations located in Alice Springs, Australia
Alice Springs, Australia

Two 7.3m full motion L/S/X/Ka-band antennas located at 23.76o S, 133.88o E

Product image of a mobile ground station located in Cordoba, Argentina
Cordoba, Argentina

A 5.4m full motion S/X-band antenna located in CONAE/VENG at 31.52o S, 64.46o W

Product image of a ground station on a platform located in Guildford, United Kingdom
Guildford, United Kingdom

A 5.4m full motion S/X-band antenna located at 51.24o N, 0.62o W

Product image of a ground station located in Pendergrass, Georgia
Pendergrass, Georgia, USA

A 5.4m full motion S/X-band antenna located at 34.18o N, 83.67o W

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