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Connecting hard-to-reach communities with the rest of the digital world

We support digital inclusion by making affordable, high-speed internet accessible to everyone in rural communities worldwide


Nearly half the world doesn’t have access to the internet. Viasat Community Internet is helping change that by bringing high-quality satellite internet access close to home for those who need it most, to ensure their voice is heard.

Community wi-fi in small town

More opportunities for those in the most remote places

Viasat Community Internet is enhancing the personal and professional lives of people worldwide


It’s not just about connectivity. It’s about quality of life. Giving people in remote communities access to fast, reliable internet also gives them more opportunities to improve and enhance the things that matter most — things like:

  • Educational materials
  • Healthcare tools and information
  • Agriculture and business resources
  • Keeping in touch with distant family members
young woman connecting through community internet on mobile

We’re just getting started

Connecting rural Mexico and beyond


We launched Viasat Community Internet service in Mexico in early 2016. Since then, we’ve connected thousands of rural communities across each of the country’s 32 states, providing internet access to nearly two million people who are within walking distance of one of our Community Wi-Fi hotspots. And that’s just the beginning— see how we’re expanding our footprint.

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What people are saying

  • Connecting with family

    “The internet has been great for our town, we can now contact family that lives far away.”

  • Improving farming

    “The internet has helped me to learn how to raise healthy animals.”

  • Helping with healthcare

    “Having internet service has helped me to double-check pediatric doses, and determine doses of medication that we don’t usually carry.”

  • Being a part of the world

    “We feel more connected, especially to the social networks that everyone uses.”