BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址 continues to make extraordinary advances in the amount of data our satellites can manage


除了超凡的能力, the ViaSat-3 satellites will also have a great deal of flexibility in directing that capacity where it's needed most.

当阿F2卫星在大约20年前发射时, 它是迄今为止公开的最重、最先进的通信系统. In 2004, it was the king of content capacity, with 2 Gigabits per second of total throughput. One of the services being hosted on 阿F2 was WildBlue — a new satellite internet provider based in Denver aiming to improve on dial-up speeds in rural areas.


在互联网时代,2004年是很久以前的事了. 从那时起, demand for better speeds and a lot more capacity to handle streaming video has shifted the landscape tremendously. WildBlue added another 7 Gbps of capacity with the WildBlue-1 satellite in 2007. 




BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址, 哪些公司一直在为该公司提供组件, 2009年收购了WildBlue, which aligned with its own quest to build a much higher capacity satellite alongside WildBlue’s established customer network. ViaSat-1卫星, 2011年推出, featured an unprecedented 140 Gbps of capacity — at the time more than all of the other communications satellites covering North America 结合.


该公司随后在2017年推出了ViaSat-2. 这又带来了260 Gbps的容量, enabling much higher speeds and significantly more data to handle the expanding streaming universe. 令人印象深刻的是, 该公司的领导人知道,对产能的需求在继续增长, 这需要更强大的卫星才能跟上.


When the company announced ViaSat-3 — a three-satellite constellation to cover most of the globe, 它还带来了一个令人瞠目结舌的数字:每颗卫星计划有1颗,000 Gbps的吞吐量(或每秒1太比特- Tbps), 使BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址的总网络容量提高了700%以上.  


“从Anik的时代开始,我们取得了如此大的进步,这是非常令人惊讶的,大卫·瑞安说, 太空公司高级副总裁兼总裁 & BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址的商业网络(他也是Anik项目的一部分). “1,000 Gbps of throughput that we expect to be able to provide with each ViaSat-3 satellite has really taken us to the forefront. 对高速互联网的需求以每年30-35%的速度增长, 我们必须站在队伍的最前面. 需求将继续增长.”


BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址’s growth will happen with bold expansions in capability that Ryan calls “step changes,” where each advance in technology yields an enormous increase in capacity compared to previous satellites.


“我们期待下一代卫星,”瑞安说. “We are always in pursuit of advances in solid-state electronics that will allow us to move data at ultra-high speeds. This is how we make technological breakthroughs and achieve these huge step changes in capacity.”



While the total throughput capacity of a satellite might mean little to the average end user, 他们肯定会注意到服务质量的结果.


“你可以用移动电话技术做类比,埃文·迪克森说, BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址全球固定宽带总裁. “他们从2G到3G再到4G,现在是5G. And with each of those feature changes, they jump from one generation to another generation. 他们在技术上投入巨大, with new breakthrough innovations that enable that next advance in technology.” 




“这很简单:卫星能提供的数据越多, 连接速度越快, the happier customers will be and the more of those customers BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址 will have,”迪克森说.



BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址能够完成这些戏剧性的技术进步, Ryan说, 因为BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址是一家垂直整合的设计公司, 构建和测试整个网络本身. That includes the satellite payload, the ground systems, the user terminals, modems and more. BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址唯一不制造的主要部件是航天器的部分, 称为总线, 这就提供了能量, 指向和热控制. 我们与业界领先的波音空间系统公司合作,提供该部件.


这种方法允许公司在运行中进行测试和更改, 如果有必要的话, to come up with the most efficient way to deliver data to the end user on the ground, 在空中或海上,”瑞恩说.



One area the benefit of increased capacity is most evident is in BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址’s in-flight connectivity service. 与商业航空公司客户——包括捷蓝航空, δ, 曼联, American and Qantas ­— as well as a great many private and business jets — BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址 has proven it’s possible to get connectivity in the air comparable to what you can get on the ground.


“We have really improved service to the airline passenger, that’s for sure,”瑞恩说. “We are now able to bring a great deal of speed and capacity to every seat of an aircraft.”


That dramatic bump in the ability to manage more data enables airlines with BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址 service to dramatically change their entire in-flight connectivity and entertainment offerings. Offering robust service available not only to the passengers but to the crew as well enables everything from movie and audio streaming at every seat to much-improved communications for the crew that can help with everything from medical emergencies to live video of weather conditions ahead.



拥有所有这些能力是一回事, 但另一个问题是确保它能尽可能地发挥作用. 与近地轨道卫星互联网系统相比, BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址使用更高的地球静止轨道发射卫星——大约22颗,200英里. 在那个距离, 仅仅三颗卫星就可以看到几乎整个地球, 而小容量, 近地轨道卫星的视野有限, requiring hundreds or even thousands of satellites to achieve the same capacity and coverage. 因为地球的大部分是海洋或无人居住的地区, 这些卫星90%以上的时间都无法“出售”它们的能力.


The ViaSat-3 satellites will boast another extremely powerful feature: flexibility. Where once a satellite’s coverage was essentially set in stone before ever being launched, the company’s new generation will be able to move capacity around when and where it’s needed.


这使得BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址能够为飞机提供全球服务, ships and remote customers continuously and move that capacity according to business needs,”瑞恩说. “We can literally point the data stream and turn it on and off based on demand. 这是非常有效的.”



像所有的卫星网络一样, BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址需要一个可靠的, 高度弹性的地面网络——而且每颗卫星都有自己的卫星, Ryan说.


“We need an incredible amount of transmit and receive sites on the ground to keep up with the data throughput,”他说. “We are always going to need more and more gateways as we proceed because the way we are doing this is very revolutionary.”


随着BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址的卫星变得越来越精密, 地面站在数量上增加了,在规模上减少了. More of these “Satellite Access Nodes” — or SANS — not only means a more powerful ground network but also one that’s highly flexible and resistant to outages due to the redundancy so many SANs provide.







“这与产能的质量以及如何使用有关. 这一切都与流媒体有关——这是驱动需求的因素. People want to be able to stream more than they can now at higher speeds and to be able to stream video at 4K resolution, 例如.”


ViaSat-3’s capacity will enable something 关闭 to what’s known as “natural usage,” Dixon says — a service that allows people to use the internet however they’d like with plenty of speed and fewer instances of data limits slowing things down.


客户需求不会放缓, BET8十年信誉玩家首选网址 will continue to aim for more capacity to enable greater speeds and data handling.




他补充称:“我们希望扩大规模,面向全球越来越多的客户。. “现在有人在家办公, 在一些情况下,我们在家上学,我们有很多医生使用远程 医学. 我们必须跟上这种需求.”